SnackFever Box

A surprise box of yummy K-snacks and goodies

As low as $23.49/Box + S/H


Includes anything from the trendiest snacks, candies, chocolate, gum, jelly, and other bonus items such as Kakao Friends swag, socks, and even K-pop merch! The bigger the box, the bigger and better the bonus items. With a new theme each month, every SnackFever Box is a surprise!

  • Original Box includes 8~12 items. As low as $23.49 per month.

  • Deluxe Box includes 10~15 items (including premium stuff). As low as $37.99 per month.


One box every month. Shipped in 3 waves: 13th, 23rd and 3rd of the following month. Your box will typically arrive within 1 to 4 weeks after shipment if you order by May 31st at midnight GMT. Check out our SHIPPING SCHEDULE.


Shipping and handling fee per box of $3.99 for Original, and $5.99 for Deluxe will be included in the final price. Available WORLDWIDE (except some countries).

Just want one box?

Choose your box here. It will NOT renew so you will receive just one box.

*Products shown above/below image may or may not be included in your box. Every month the contents of the box change.

Will you hit the jackpot?

Daebak (대박) means “jackpot”, "awesome", or "amazing" in Korean. The Daebak Box is a mega box filled with anything from cute collectibles to K-Pop merch, K-beauty items, and other cool stuff from Korea (valued at +$100).

Every month, we are giving away 3 of these boxes for 3 different reasons.

  • Best video posted to Facebook or Youtube.
  • Best photo on Instagram.
  • Random draw for active members.

We have the best members around. The Daebak giveaway is available only for members with an active subscription.